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Cabbage Cabin Cable Cab Cackle Cage Cakes Calendar Called Calm Calomel Calumny Calves Camels Cameo Brooch Camera Campaign Camp Canal Canary Birds Cancer Candlestick Candles Candy Cane Canker Cannon-Ball Cannon Canoe Canopy Captain Captive Cap Cardinal Cards Carnival Carpenter Carpet Carriage Carrot Cars Cartridge Cart Carving Cash Box Cashier Cash Cask Castle Castoria Castor Oil Catechism Caterpillar Cathedral Cats Cattle Cauliflower Cavalry Cavern or Cave Cedars Celery Celestial Signs Cellar Cemetery Chaff Chains Chair Maker Chairman Chair Chalice Chalk Challenge Chambermaid Chamber Chameleon Champion Chandelier Chapel Charcoal Chariot Charity Chastise Cheated Checkers Checks Cheese Chemise Cherries Cherubs Chess Chestnuts Chickens Chiffonier Chilblain Childbed Children Chimes Chimney China Store China Chocolate Choir Cholera Christmas Tree Christ Chrysanthemum Church Churchyard Churning Cider Cipher Circle Cistern City Council City Hall City Clairvoyance Clams Claret Cup and Punch Claret Clarionet Clay Clergyman Climbing Clock Cloister Clothes Clouds Cloven Foot Clover Club Coach Coal-hod Coals Coat-of-Arms Coat Coca-Cola Cockade Cock-Crowing Cocktail Cocoanut Cocoa Coffee House Coffee Mill Coffee Coffin Coins Coke Oven Coke Cold Collar College Colliery or Coal-Mine Collision Colonel Combat Combing Comedy Comet Comic Songs Commandment Command Commerce Committee Companion Compass Completion Complexion Composing Concert Concubine Confectionary Confetti Conflagration Conjurer Conjuring Conscience Conspiracy Consumption Contempt Convention Convent Convicted Convicts Cooking Stove Cooking Cooling Board Copperas Copper Plate Coppersmith Copper Copying Coral Cords Corkscrew Cork Corn and Corn-Field Corner Cornet Cornmeal Corns Corn Coronation Corpse Corpulence Corset Cossack Cotton Cap Cotton Cloth Cotton Gin Cotton Cot Couch Cough Counselor Countenance Counterfeit Money Counterpane Counter Counting Country Courtship Cousin Cowslip Cows Coxcomb Crabs Cradle Crane Crape Crawfish Crawl Cream Credit Creek Cremate Crew Cricket Cries Criminal Crippled Crochet Work Crockery Crocodile Cross-bones Cross Roads Cross Croup Crowd Crown Crow Crucifixion Crucifix Cruelty Crust Crutches Crying Crystal Cuckoo Cucumber Cunning Cupboard Curbstone Currycomb Currying a Horse Curtains Cushion Cuspidor Custard Custom-house Cut Cymbal

Excerpt from the 10,000 Dreams Interpreted book (Free Electronic Text).