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Pacify Packet Page Pagoda Pail Paint and Painting Pain Palace Palisade Pall-bearer Pallet Pall Palmistry Palm Tree Palsy Pancake Pane of Glass Panorama Panther Pantomime Paper or parchment Parables Paradise Paralysis Parasol Parcel Pardon Parents Park Parrot Parsley Parsnips Parting Partnership Partner Partridge Party Passenger Passing Bell Password Pasteboard Pastry Patch Patent Medicine Patent Path Paunch Pauper Pawn-shop Peaches Peacock Pearls Pears Peas Pebbles Pecans Pelican Penalties Pencil Penitentiary Penny Pension Pen People Peppermint Pepper Perfume Perspiration Pest Petticoat Pewter Phantom Pheasant Phosphorus Photography Physician Piano Pickaxe Pickles Pickpocket Picnic Pictures Pier Pies Pigeon Pig Pilgrim Pillow Pill Pimple Pincers Pineapple Pine Tree Pins Pipe Pirate Pistol Pitcher Pitchfork Pit Plague Plain Planet Plane Plank Plaster Plate Play Pleasure Plow Plums Pocketbook Pocket Poinard Poison Poker Polar Bear Pole-cat Police Polishing Politician Polka Pomegranate Pond Pony Poor-house Poor Pope Poplars Poppies Porcelain Porch Porcupine Pork Porpoise Porter Portfolio Portrait Postage Postman Post-office Potatoes Potter's Field Potter Pot Poultry Powder Prairie Prayer Preacher Precipice Pregnancy Present Priest Primrose Printer Printing Office Prison Privacy Prize Fighter Prize Fight Procession Profanity Profits Promenade Property Prostitute Publican Publisher Puddings Puddle Pulpit Pulse Pump Punch Pup Purchases Purse Putty Pyramid

Excerpt from the 10,000 Dreams Interpreted book (Free Electronic Text).